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Joslyn Art Museum

Joslyn Art Museum near Omaha was founded in 1922 and closed its doors in 2016. The museum was forced to close due to a lack of funding and a declining population. The museum's collections were auctioned off in 2016 and 2017, and the building was sold to a private developer.

History of the Museum

The Joslyn Art Museum was founded in 1922 by oil tycoon and philanthropist, Harry Joslyn. The museum was originally located in downtown Omaha, but was moved to its current location in 1951. In 1987, the Joslyn Art Museum merged with the Omaha Museum of Art, and in 2002, the Joslyn Art Museum became a Smithsonian affiliate. In 2009, the Joslyn Art Museum closed its doors for good due to a lack of funding.

Founding of the Museum

The Joslyn Art Museum was founded in 1922 by a group of art lovers. The museum experienced some financial difficulties in the 1990s, but was able to rebound and continue to exhibit art. 

Recent Events

Recent events have caused much concern in the community, as the Joslyn Art Museum has been closed indefinitely. Many are wondering what happened to the iconic museum, and whether it will reopen in the future. While no one can say for certain, it seems likely that the museum will not reopen anytime soon, as its current owner is unable to maintain it.

Financial Struggles

Joslyn Art Museum, once a thriving cultural institution, has been struggling financially for years. In 2013, the museum was forced to file for bankruptcy protection after failing to secure a loan from the city. 

Closure of the Museum

The Joslyn Art Museum closed its doors in 2016 after a long and successful history. What happened to the once iconic museum is still a mystery, but it's likely that it was sold or closed down due to financial difficulties.

Future of the Museum

According to its website, the Museum will be reopening in 2024.

Joslyn Art Museum is currently closed while we grow and reimagine ourselves. Joslyn’s expansion and renovation will add galleries, classrooms, public spaces, a new entrance, and so much more! The construction is significant, and our temporary closure keeps people and art safe. We will boldly reopen in 2024” 

Joslyn Art Museum
2200 Dodge St
Omaha, NE 68102

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Joslyn Art Museum Omaha NE

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